Few tips for sale more frames and contact lenses?

The ultimate aim of every business is more sell. Like other business, an optical business also needs more sell frames, lenses, contact lenses etc. But patient or customer should not be feeling that your business is only money minded or you are trying to take more money from the customer. Because if reputation went down then it is very hard to get back that. A proper guidance or advice make a good sale as well as build a healthy relation. more-sell-optical

The optometrist or doctor advice: – Generally optometrist and ophthalmologist are not involved in sales. Very rarely they are involved at sales part. If any patient asks about the lenses then only they explain about good lenses. But if the practitioner spends little more time with the patient for teaching them proper frame and lenses, that is more effective. Opticians always try to sell more products. This is a common myth of so many patients mind. But if practitioners explain the importance about ARC coating, UV coating, progressive lenses etc that is more useful. If doctor or optometrist take the proper history of a patient and give the suggestion for glass which is suitable for the profession that always makes a good sell. If practitioners help to select the frame for the child then parents feel more comfortable and happy to buy the frames from the store. Proper advice and trust always make good sell at every business. The purpose of prescribing spectacle or contact lenses will be as per vision and daily need.

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Spare pair of glasses for children: – Always advice for spare glasses for children because they can lose or break easily. Sometimes practitioners make follow-up every 3 months or 6 months for kids. If at 6 months also the spectacle power, not changes then also you can suggest for a spare glass.

Spare reading glass for presbyopic patients: – Progressive glasses are very much helpful for doing the daily living activity after the age of 40 years. A profession like software, school teacher etc these lenses are too much helpful. But profession like the school teacher or professor or those who love to reading books a lot, only reading glass is the better choice for them at night. A spare reading glass at less cost can be suggested.

Contact lenses prescription: – Contact lenses business is around 20-30% of total optical business at major cities and metro cities. Contact lenses option should be suggested for all types of young patients, even those who have more than -1.00 D spherical power. Colored contacts can be explained for a party or occasional purposes. Daily disposable contact lenses also can be suggested for the same reason. Females are targeted customers for contact lenses due to cosmetic reason. Daily disposable multifocal contact lenses can be advised for presbyopic patients. Especially, women don’t want to use reading glass at the office. Multifocal contact lenses are the better choice for them.

Color contact lens availability: – Colored contacts should be available. If not available then should be arranged because females are like color contact lenses. Power color contact lenses can be suggested for the occasional purpose.

Sunglass or zero power for Contact lens users: – Those who start using contact lenses, a spare glass always should be suggested for home. Additionally, a sunglass or photochromic glass to be suggested for outdoor dust & UV protection.

Separate display for female’s spectacles: – Always display frames should be divided gender wise.  Display pediatric frame separately. Also, the frame should be displayed price wise that means low to high cost.

Explain about the offer: – New offer about the medical frame or sunglass should be explained properly. Always explain why the offer is beneficiary for the patient.

Problem-based solution: – Always understand the customer problems and depends on that spectacle should be dispensed. So many patients don’t want to use plastic lenses or anti-reflection coating over lenses because they scratch easily. Every problem should look as a new opportunity. Explained them about the advantages of the scratch resistant coating.

Training about the product: – If you are a salesman or optician, then you need to train yourself about lenses, frames, and contact lenses. Every business owner should give well training to their staff. Well, trained staff always confident on their work.

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