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Adlens adjustable reading glasses for emergency purpose
Adlens is adjustable reading glasses also known as adjustable magnifying glasses for reading, self-adjustable reading glasses etc. Though this is
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Financial burden for the treatment of Keratoconus in India
Many people aware of the condition of keratoconus. So I am not going to discuss Keratoconus. But we must understand
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My 18 best travel tips and tricks for beginners and bachelors
We all love travels in holidays. Today I will share few tips and experience about holiday trips. Travel makes refreshment
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Keratoconus surgery
Keratoconus surgery: Corneal collagen cross-linking recovery time
Keratoconus surgery: CXL (Corneal collagen cross-linking) also known as C3R is the only surgical method that halts the progression of
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Scleral contact lens or Corneal transplant for advanced keratoconus?
Corneal transplant is a very successful treatment for advanced keratoconus and Scleral contact lens provide good visual outcome if there
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Optometry colleges
Best Optometry Colleges in India and affiliated courses
The Optometrist plays an important role in the prevention of blindness. As per WCO (World council of Optometry), Optometrists are
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World Glaucoma week celebration March – 2017
March 12 to 17th 2017 will be celebrated as “World Glaucoma Week”. Every year Glaucoma week celebrated from 2nd to
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Bidar: A memorable weekend trip from Hyderabad
Bidar is a very nice place at Karnataka state which is approximately 639 km from Bangalore, 116 km from Gulbarga,
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Beautiful and stylish contact lens cases
Hello friends, I hope everybody knows about the advantages of contact lenses than spectacles. Contact lenses do not only provide
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Which types daily disposable contact lenses are good for eyes?
Silicon Hydrogel (SiHy) or Hydrogel (Hy) Dailly disposable contact lenses: which one is more good for eyes? Daily disposable (DD)
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Improve eyesight naturally
How to increase eye power 20/20 naturally?
So many patients asked me about improve eyesight naturally. Many patients asked me the same question in different ways.
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How to keep and clean spectacle?
It is important to keep spectacle proper way and clean spectacle properly to prevent from any kind of damage or
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