14 possible causes of eye pain and symptoms of eye pain

Many of us experienced eye pain or eye ache sometimes. Why are we feeling eye pain or discomfort at the eye? But what are the reasons behind pain in the eye ? What should we do in case of eye pain or discomfort in the eye? Eye pain may be severe or may minor. Few serious eye problems like Cataract, Retinal Detachment, Open-angle Glaucoma, Macular degeneration are not causes of significant eye pain. Few problems like Stye, Conjunctivitis, corneal tear, dry eye are the causes of eye pain sometimes.

Eye problem that causes eye pain are-

Anterior segment / outer part / External eye diseases that cause of eye pain:-

  1. Stye: – It is also called hordeolum. It is an eye infection or inflammation which is seen at the edges of the eyelid. Styes are looked like red bump and rarely serious issue but they are very irritating and painful. Also, causes they are causes lots of itching at the eye. They may outer side of lids edge or inner side of lids edge.
    Stye causes of eye pain
    Stye  P.C- flickr.com
  2. Eyelid edema: – Eyelid edema also one the cause of severe eye pain. Causes of lid edema can be Conjunctivitis, Stye, Chalazion, Blepharitis, Trauma, Allergy etc.
  3. Blepharitis: – It is an eye infection seen at eye lashes. Dandruff is seen in the eyelashes. Its causes dryness of the eye, foreign body sensation itching. Sometimes blepharitis associated with the bacterial infection.
  4. Conjunctivitis: – It is also called pink eye, red eye. It is an inflammation of conjunctiva due to allergic reaction or infection in the eye. Infection may be bacterial or viral. Bacterial conjunctivitis associated with yellowish purulent or mucopurulent discharge. Most of the bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by the staphylococcus and Chlamydia species. Itching and discharge are the most common symptoms of conjunctivitis.
    P.C- Community eye health
    Conjunctivitis P.C- Community eye health
  5. Corneal abrasion: – It causes severe pain in the eye. It may be because of corneal scratch due to foreign body injuries like from metal, dust, tree branches, excessive rubbing, and injury from the nail. Pain, watering, and photophobia are the most common symptoms of corneal abrasion. Maximum cases patients are unable to open the eyes.
  6. Corneal tear: – Corneal tear also can be causes of eye pain. Corneal tear is an emergency because of eye injury and needs to immediate medical attention.
  7. Foreign body injury: – Foreign body injury is one of the causes of mild to severe pain in the eye. There are many causes of an eye injury and always you need to protect your eyes from injury.
    P.C- Veatch instrument / flicker.com
    Corneal foreign body P.C- Veatch instrument / flickr.com
  8. Corneal infection: – Bacterial and viral infection are the causes of eye pain. Initial stage or early stages fungal keratitis is not causes of eye pain but that are the much more serious issue than others.
  9. Dry Eye: – Moderate to severe dry eyes sometimes causes eye pain. Dry eyes are associated with excessive foreign body sensation, photophobia, redness, and pain. Severe dry eye associated with other systemic diseases like rheumatic arthritis.

Posterior Segment / Internal / Inner part:

  1. Optic neuritis: – Optic neuritis or neuropathy also known as demyelinating optic neuritis. The condition is associated with sudden loss of vision and color vision. You will fill pain in the eye while move or rotate your eyes. Most of the cases optic neuritis associated with vomiting sensation. Vision loss due to optic neuritis can be permanent. Multiple sclerosis is the most common causes of eye pain.
  2. Glaucoma: – Glaucoma is a disease that causes painless permanent loss of vision but acute angle closure glaucoma is associated with pain, vomiting sensation, headache nausea, decrease vision etc.
  3. Uveitis: – It is associated redness, pain, blurred vision, photophobia etc.
Other causes:-

  13. Proptosis: –  Proptosis was also known as exophthalmos. Bilateral exophthalmos caused by the Graves’          disease and unilateral due to the Orbital tumor.

P.C- Wikipedia
Proptosis in left eye P.C- Wikipedia
  1. Sinusitis: – Pain is the most common symptoms of eye pain. It causes a headache and pain surround the eyeball and eye.  Infected sinus cavities can create pressure on the eye from the back side.

Please consult with your eye doctor when you have eye pain.

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